We designed the ProFlight Aviation Headset with commercial aviators, airline pilots and lower-noise corporate flight deck environments in mind. Now, we’ve updated and improved ProFlight Series 2 to meet the exact specifications of the professional pilot community.

The new ProFlight Series 2 includes all the technology, noise cancellation and clarity pilots appreciated in the original ProFlight, and it remains our smallest, lightest and most comfortable aviation headset.

Features at a glance

Now even lighter

• New 128 grams (4.5 ounce) on-head weight.
For enhanced comfort during extended use.

• Digital active noise cancellation.
Reduces ambient noise, allowing users to lower radio volume.

• Updated tap control for talk-through communication.
Double tap either earbud to optimise audio for communication outside of the intercom.

• Quick-release, side swappable mic and cable.
Attach on either side — no tools required.

• Easily adjustable mic.
New mic winglets allow for precise mic and boom adjustments.


Easily configured to meet your needs

• Thin, flexible cable.
Allows improved freedom of movement and easy storage.

• User selectable noise cancellation.
Customise noise reduction according to personal preference.

Bluetooth® connectivity and audio prioritisation.
Full-function Bluetooth® enables connections to phone, tablet or EFBs. Prioritisation controls how Bluetooth® audio interacts with the intercom system.

• New, non-Bluetooth® headset variant now available.

• Bose Connect app.
Enable Bluetooth® audio sharing, manage connections, pair, unpair and rename devices from the app. Continuously updated and improved.

PFS2 Control Module

Deceptively light, impressively tough

• Improved carry case.
Simplified interior for easier storage. New strap and carabiner for easier transport.

• FAA TSO and EASA E/TSO-C139a certified.
Compatible with TSO certified systems.

• Long term durability.
Built and tested for extended use in demanding cockpit environments.

• Exceptional battery life.
Two AA alkaline batteries power 45+ hours of use with Bluetooth® off and at least 25 hours with Bluetooth® on.

• Five-year limited warranty with acclaimed service.
Worldwide coverage.

PF Case


ProFlight Series 2 Aviation Headset

The industry’s smallest, quietest and most comfortable active noise cancelling aviation headset. Engineered by Bose. Refined by pilots.


Locate your preferred supplier for further advice, assistance and a product demonstration. Or shop online.

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